Obtaining Container Images:


Build Unreal Engine development container images using the ue4-docker project.

Features at a glance

This container image source supports the features listed below. For an explanation of what each of these features denotes and to compare this source to other available sources, see the page Available Image Sources.

  • Distribution: Dockerfiles
  • Host platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS
  • Container platforms: Linux development images, Windows development images
  • Hardware acceleration: NVIDIA GPU support
  • Unreal Engine build tools: Source build, Installed Build
  • Unreal Engine target platforms: Windows native, Linux native

About this container image source

Created in 2018, the ue4-docker project was the first open source project to provide Dockerfiles for building both Windows and Linux containers that include the Unreal Engine Build Tools. Since its initial creation, the project has grown to include support for building images compatible with the NVIDIA Container Toolkit, as well as convenience features such as automated configuration of Linux and Windows Server host systems.

The ue4-docker project is maintained by Dr Adam Rehn, the founder of both the Unreal Engine For Research initiative and the Unreal Containers community hub. As a pioneering source of Dockerfiles for the Unreal Engine, the ue4-docker project has played a pivotal role in demonstrating the feasibility of Unreal Engine containers, and has been the initial point of discovery for many developers who now utilise Unreal Engine containers as part of their daily workflows.

Extensive documentation is provided for ue4-docker, including detailed guides on configuring host systems, customising and troubleshooting the image build process, and using convenience features such as automatic host configuration and container components export. The structure of the documentation hosted on the Unreal Containers community hub is directly based on the structure of the ue4-docker documentation, so navigating the available topics should feel simple and familiar.

Using this container image source

The Code section of the Unreal Containers community hub also features a number of example code repositories that work with container images built by ue4-docker.