Obtaining Container Images:

Available Image Sources

What EULA-compliant sources are available for obtaining Unreal Engine container images?

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Sources of Unreal Engine runtime images

Runtime images are container base images for running packaged Unreal projects. Packaged Unreal projects can run in any container image that includes the required runtime libraries. These requirements vary based on platform:

Since runtime base images do not contain any Unreal Engine components, they can be distributed without any restrictions and shared publicly on container registries such as Docker Hub. A number of pre-configured base images are maintained by the community and are readily available for download:

Sources of Unreal Engine development images

Development images are images which contain the “Engine Tools” (Editor and build tools.) As discussed in the Unreal Engine EULA Restrictions page, container images that include the Engine Tools for building and packaging Unreal projects or plugins cannot be distributed publicly. These container images must only be distributed privately to ensure compliance with the terms of the EULA. If your organisation already has prebuilt container images then you can access them via whichever private sharing mechanism is most appropriate. If you do not have access to existing container images within your organisation then you will need to build container images yourself.

The following sources are available for building Unreal Engine container images that include the Engine Tools:

For details of the features supported by these sources, see the section below.

Feature support matrix

The table below lists the features that are supported by each source of container images that include the Engine Tools:

Feature Source
ue4-docker Custom Dockerfiles
Host platforms
Linux Yes Varies
Windows Yes Varies
macOS Yes Varies
Container platforms
Linux containers Yes Varies
Windows containers Yes Varies
NVIDIA GPU support Yes Varies
Unreal Engine build tools
Source build Yes Varies
Installed Build Yes Varies
Unreal Engine target platforms
Windows native Yes Varies
Linux native Yes Varies
Linux cross-compilation No Varies
Android cross-compilation No Varies
HTML5 cross-compilation No Varies

For an explanation of what each feature listed in the table denotes, see below.

Host platforms

Container platforms

Unreal Engine build tools

Unreal Engine target platforms