Obtaining Container Images:

Official Container Images

Use the official Unreal Engine container images provided by Epic Games.

Features at a glance

This container image source supports the features listed below. For an explanation of what each of these features denotes and to compare this source to other available sources, see the page Available Image Sources.

  • Distribution: Dockerfiles, Pre-built images
  • Host platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS
  • Container platforms: Linux development images
  • Hardware acceleration: NVIDIA GPU support
  • Unreal Engine build tools: Installed Build
  • Unreal Engine target platforms: Windows native, Linux native

About this container image source

In April 2021, Epic Games announced on the Unreal Engine public roadmap the intention to include official support for containers in Unreal Engine 4.27. This support subsequently landed in Unreal Engine 4.27.0 in August 2021. This version and all subsequent versions of the Unreal Engine ship with a set of official container images which includes both development images and runtime images, along with a number of supporting container images for other components related to various Unreal Engine use cases:

The source code for all of the official container images can be found under the Engine/Extras/Containers/Dockerfiles directory of the Unreal Engine source tree. Note that if you have downloaded the Unreal Engine source code from GitHub then you will need to run Setup.bat (under Windows) or Setup.sh (under other platforms) to retrieve the source files, since these files are currently treated as binary dependencies and are not included in the git repository itself.

The code for the official container images was contributed to the Unreal Engine by Dr Adam Rehn, the creator of the ue4-docker and ue4-runtime projects and the founder of the Unreal Containers community hub.

The official Unreal Engine documentation features a section covering official container support. The documentation includes an overview of the container images that ship with the Unreal Engine, getting started guides, and how-to guides for specific tasks. To avoid unnecessary duplication of information, the Unreal Engine documentation primarily provides details specific to the official container images and links to the Unreal Containers community hub to provide general context.

Available container images

You can view the full list of available container images and tags here: https://github.com/orgs/EpicGames/packages.

The container image ghcr.io/epicgames/unreal-engine stores tags for both development images and runtime images:

Using this container image source